Category Management

We conduct ongoing market analysis for our aftermarket channel partners. We determine which parts you need, how many you need, and when you will need them.

•    Market insight reporting
•    Price shopping
•    Point-of-Sale analysis
•    Life cycle and line reviews
•    Consumer and installer surveys
•    Mystery shopper programs

We know what you will need in the future, too, with life cycle analytics and innovative designs based on our advanced OE technology.

Our category management programs, backed by data and verified market trends, are unparalleled in the aftermarket industry. These proven methods optimize your inventory, improve your cash flow, and ultimately help you sell more.

Remy Optimized Inventory (ROI)

We will help you increase sales and decrease inventory investment with our proprietary analytics program, Remy Optimized Inventory. Customized for your business and powered by algorithms exclusive to Remy, we analyze failure rates, vehicles in operation, environmental factors, and other data points to bring you exacting market intelligence unavailable anywhere else. 

ROI is a complex, disciplined initiative with a simple result: You will sell more and spend less.