Diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures for vehicles without computer-controlled charging systems - GM APPLICATION

Find out from this bulletin the steps to ensure proper diagnostics of the charging system

Ford Application: Alternator GenCom and GenMon Signals

By understanding the alternator command and feedback signals, referred to as GenCom and GenMon, you’ll be better able to diagnosis charging system issues.

Chrysler Application: Diagnostics for Alternator with Computer Controlled Charging System

This Technical Service Bulletin will address diagnosis from an under the hood testing perspective to help supplement the results of scan tool diagnosis.

Federated Honors BorgWarner with Vendor of the Year for Order Fill

BorgWarner received the 2015 award for Vendor of the Year for Order Fill by Federated Auto Parts.

Remy Starter Upgrade 10MT (SD300) to PG (PG260)

Remy PG starter is designed, engineered and manufactured as original equipment (OE).